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Origineel bericht door: Briana Goldman ,


I have been having the same issues with my Vizio D65u-d2 television. I have had to power cycle it several times. Once I changed the satellite box to a different HDMI port. Then once I changed the input using the remote it was working and the issue seemed to be fixed but occurred again the next day. I moved the hdmi cable amd power cycled it again and the picture kept turning off with the sound on. I then unplugged my PS3 as it was the oldest of the hdmi cables and power cycled again. Set the hdmi to my new satellitebox hdmi location using the remote. The Vizio remote now has the batteries out of it. This seems to be a combination of the remote setting it to that sleep mode due to a misfunctioning mute button and possibly the old HDMI cable being removed. I will update tomorrrow and let you know if it continues to keep working after I turn it off tonight and hope it turns on tomorrow. It's driving me nuts!!! 30 minutes just to get my TV on is ridiculous. I have a 10 year old 32” Vizio that has no issues and a 48” 8 year old Vizio with no issues. I trusted Vizio but if this continues I will never buy another Vizio TV.