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Origineel bericht door: Yorck ,


Exactly the same problem here, but my Mac has been unlucky even before since I already got my logic board replaced in 2015 for graphic flicker.

Last spring I started to have first issue with my original battery and I bought 1 spare battery (suppose to be an original), from a local store in Germany, after a few cycles of battery charging it would  fall below 90% . I had this battery replaced 3 times and last is 21% now of design capacity, after 5 cycles !!!

I had another brand battery online and this is also dropping very fast, from now on 91% after 4 cycles and 4 days in my macbook (early 2011). In my opinion this is clearly a logic board problem ... again!

I went to the Apple store and they did a test, the results shows that I have a battery problem, but the rest is fine. Of course there is something else, but they don’t care when you have an old style macbook from 2011.

In any case, as I was told, it is not possible to solve the problem since any part of this mac is no longer manufactured.

Do I have to follow the step shown on the iFixit guide on "replacing the logic board" and put the tape on the battery sensor?

Do you somehow solve this problem? Any brand-name batteries suggestion?