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Origineel bericht door: Richard H ,


I had an overheat with my X-Priv which I’d packed in my carry-on bag for a flight the next morning. Mod was on standby but not powered off. Next morning I woke to a horrible burnt chemical smell and found the inside of my bag burnt. This mod comes with 6 failsafes apparently, over heating and over discharge being two of them.

I use good batteries from Fogstar and test compatibility. These had gone through a few cycles and married well. Dealing with the eBay seller was a headache, so I took it to SMOK. What a complete PITA their customer service is. It took months of emails to  them to get redeemable points to shop on the site. I like the X-Priv so ordered another.

Last night it displayed Atomiser Short and got warm even on standby. I took the Firemax mesh tank off, drained it out and cleaned properly, replaced mesh coil. Put two batteries in today and it’s getting very warm even without a tank on it, just sitting on standby.

I’ve absolutely no doubt at all that I’m going to wait for months for someone to respond to the support ticket. SMOK customer service is beyond bad, their tanks are a joke with all the permutations and matching coils, and their X-Priv mod is dangerous. I have pics of the internal melting and scorched batteries, not once did they acknowledge any of it.