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not sure that this is exactly what you mean, but you can connect to the phone with the android debug bridge .. it isn’t magic, but if you were interested in seeing what’s going on under the hood so to speak, it does allow you to  access system logs and other data from the device, either wirelessly or via usb

download from ….  install is straightforward depending on your familiarity with the command prompt or terminal shell  ; i guess i would say that it’s not going to help if you’re looking for an easy answer , but if you’re more curious than anything and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, have at it….. ability to assess and  troubleshoot a device should be a standard expectation and condition of ownership…. certainly on the software side.

( i am a recovering programmer w/background in cobol , visualbasic, c++, and perl, among other things; not an android dev and have very little actual guidance to offer but thought you might like to at least know that this exists.) :)