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Origineel bericht door: Philip Le Riche ,


It would be useful to know what 3rd party URL you were redirected to. I’m a little surprised the HP support site would do that, unless it was a user-supplied fix in a forum, which might not be trustworthy. Also, what did it say to convince you that you had a rootkit? There are plenty of malicous “repair” tools which report non-existant problems and then install their own badness.

It could be that your sound was disabled by a Microsoft update. I recently saw a case where that had happened twice.  Clicking on the sound icon in the tray on the bottom right allowed the user to reenable it but I’m not sure exactly how he did it. He wasn’t a sophisticated user.

Certainly try System Restore as suggested by @jayeff, but if it really is a rootkit it may well have dug itself into places System Restore is not aware of.

I’m not sure I’d say ''most'' 3rd party AVs allow you to create a rescue disk. But one popular and respected (free) one is [|Kaspersky Rescue Disk]. Download it and burn it to a CD or memory stick then boot off it. You don’t need another PC with AV. If it’s technically possible to clean, hopefully that will do it as it’s treating your Windows system as pure data so no rootkits can hide like they do when the system is running.