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Origineel bericht door: Shannon Vinson ,


Why does my Galaxy S8 Plus randomly shut off?


So this started a long time ago but it was very rare so it never really bothered me.  but  it has become a problem because it does it almost every day, sometimes multiple times. So out of nowhere it will just shut off. and i am able to turn it back on but as soon as it gets to the lockscreen it shuts right back off. i can keep turning it on as many times as i want but it takes several times for it to get to where it will stay on. or i can leave it alone for about five minutes or so and turn it on and it will stay on. it only does it when im using it, it wont do it on its own while its sitting on a table. it does this no matter what the charge percentage is at but if i plug it into its charger after it shuts off,it will act as if it died and it will show a battery with a lightning bolt in it indicating that it needs to be charged to be turned back on. but its not actually dead. please help!this ssue has plagued me for so long and its continually getting worse. i am considering buying a battery replacement kit from this website because i dont know what else to do. the only thing i can think of that might have anything to do with it is that i have been using a micro usb cable with the usb-c adapter to charge it every night but im pretty sure this problem started before i was doing that.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus