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Origineel bericht door: Julia ,


== Hi Popescu, ==

The '''''black plastic''''' you were talking about is '''''very delicate''''', and same thing happened to me, I removed my T key when I was '''''cleaning it''''' and the black plastic '''''broke off''''', and when I removed the T key there were '''''little hooks''''' that I didn’t realise and those broke, so when I tried to put it back on, '''''it wouldn’t click'''''.

And yes my T key is brighter than the rest now unfortunately.

Also as you said before how you put the keys back on and they wouldn’t click could be because the '''''hooks''''' most likely have been '''''damaged.'''''

So for me when the T key didn’t click in and was loose, I went onto '''''ebay''''' and bought a '''''new T Key''''' and that did the trick, but the T is still brighter than the rest.


this is a useful link on how to clean and remove the butterfly mechanism.