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Touch screen not working on iPad Pro 12.9” (1st gen)


So my brother and I were changing a cracked screen on the iPad Pro last night and everything was going smooth. We were following the steps and when we plugged ribbon cables in we forgot to put the plastic tool in separating the battery.

There was a tiny tiny spark and so we figured the worst which was correct. We assembled everything back together and behold the touch screen didn’t work. The iPad powers up and the screen will turn on but you can’t do anything.

My question is, is there a component that I can purchase to replace whatever we fried to get the touch screen working or did we just ruin this iPad beyond repair.

I purchased it from a friend for 150 dollars because it had a cracked screen. The I purchased the new screen for 200 dollars. So I’m 350 dollars invested. Just trying to figure if it’s salvagable or I’m out on my money.


iPad Pro 12.9"