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Origineel bericht door: mathias raynor ,


I have a mercury mountaineer 99.  I broke the immobilizer ring after my 1yo flushed my keys and well i didnt realize the immobilizer was even there like a rookie i broke it replaced it and ignition destroyed old tumbler . pulled toilet later found keys . managed to get old tumbler to work. So i have original key. Only 1 came with it !!! Light blinks like crazy will turn over no start . also code 11 blinks once and then a again a sec later . ive tryed everything read the codes no codes but the check engine light is on?  It doesnt stay on for 1 sec let alone 3 when turning on? Its already been bypassed with a push butten start before i bought it . ran great till i lost the keys and switched out the ignition. Ive disconnect and pulled all kinds of fuses none are blown and relays check out.  I found another relay box underhood passenger side under air filter ? Another one under the dash in the middle just above the gas pedal ? Somebody ive already lost enough money spending not working please help