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With High Sierra Apple intro’ed a new format called APFS. So if you swap drives around you can indeed encounter issues with the given system not having the update with the newer firmware so the drive can be recognized.

* GUID/HFS+ (Journaled)

But beyond this you also need to be careful as these cloning software often don’t have the smarts about APFS as well as often won’t recover the hidden recovery partition in the process. Its always a good idea to review the update notes on the given cloning software, as I’ve seen so many issues with them I just prefer using the tools Apple supplies '''Disk Utility''' as well as '''Migration Assistant''' which offers some additional benefits as unlike an image or block cloner it does a file copy, while a bit slower it also does a CRC of the discreet file so you know the files integrity is assured. This is more important when swapping out a HDD for a SSD.