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Origineel bericht door: Minho ,


You are correct that using the original Home Button is all you need to do to retain TouchID functionality. However, the Home Button and/or the Home Button Link Flex is easily damaged when its being transferred and this is the most likely issue you are facing.

Open up the phone again and closely inspect the Home Button itself. It has a [guide|31935|tiny flex] that goes to the connector but also a tiny flex that loops back on itself on the other side as well. Use magnification and check for tears. If the problem is with the Home Button itself, then there is nothing you can do, only Apple can replace it.

The other possibility is the Home Button Link Flex. This flex runs underneath the heat shield and has a connector at either end to “connect” the Home Button to the logic board. What typically happens is that the flex is damaged when removing the HB, usually because people use a sharp tool to disconnect the connectors. Again, use magnification to inspect this carefully. This flex can be easily replaced by following this [guide|31741|guide].