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Origineel bericht door: Joseph Hughes ,


Hey Christopher!

I wanted to give you my first impression of what has happened.

The most likely cause of this issue (seeing as you have replaced the dc in board) and that it runs off of the wall -with full fans with no battery - is that your Charging circuit is bad.

Most likely it is one of the 4 feed back resistors near the ISL charging chip on the motherboard, or the ISL chip itself has failed. This is somewhat a common problem as a failure point. It is an intricate repair, but if you want to play with your macbook, its good stuff!

TL/DR seems your motherboard has an issue in the charging circuit and needs to be repaired - micro soldering is required and it should be fixable for a decent price if you don’t want to do it.

There are a few good videos out there on youtube explaining the technical aspects of it and showing how to actually preform the repairs.

Best of luck and hope this helps! Happy repairing!