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Origineel bericht door: Polo ,


I also have a 13’ retina MBP with touch bar. It started with the stage light at the bottom of the display and the next day the screen would’t light up. After chatting with Apple and doing all the software check, I realised that if I opened the laptop slowly it did start, and then I connect it to an external display and the Macbook itself works perfectly. No problem whatsoever. But if I open the top further than 40 degrees, then the display goes black (but the machine keeps on working and displaying in the external screen). The technicians I talked to didn’t have a clue. I took it to an authorised agent here where I live (Uruguay, South America) and they want to replace the whole display at a cost of U$D 600. Of course I said no. I am travelling to the States shortly and will take the computer to Apple and see what happens. I hope they find a solution shortly because this is a late 2016 MBP that I bought early 2017, and not expecting it to have any problems. I have been using Mac for 10 years now and never a problem!