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Origineel bericht door: Bill Holt ,


I have the same problem with a brand new cook top.  Sparks all burners all the time.  Got a warranty repairman who checked all the switches and said it was the module.  The warranty people could not locate the obsolete module and gave up.  I bought the listed replacement for the model and installed it myself.  The only real difference was that the switches had individual hard wire running to the old module while the new one took only one ganged load, so I wired them all together and attached them to the load lug.   Still the same problem.  Tried the drop cord to another outlet across the room.   Problem persists.  In the off mode, I have 118 VAC to ground on the hot side and 0 on the  output side of each switch.  When lit, I get an HV indication on my meter and a wildly changing  voltage to 4 digits, not 118 VAC.  My meter does not read high voltage to 10-15,000 volts.  How about some bleeding from the HV ?  Where would it come from?  Possibly the ground?   Would the common ground be the source?  Where would you look?   The new module has no ground at all and is in a plastic case.  The old module did have a ground for its internal wiring through the attachment plug.  The cooktop unit is grounded.