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Origineel bericht door: John Cassidy ,


I had the same problem, I have a iPhone 6s and had a mobile defenders battery and every time it reached 7% it would slow the phone so much it wouldn’t be usable, the animations would be at 25% speed. When I would go to the battery health (beta) under setting I would get “service” I went through around 4 battery’s until I got so sick of it that I ordered one from another company (injured gadgets) and it worked perfectly. I think it is based on where you get the battery because the cheap battery’s that some company’s get don’t work. Also with the battery from injured gadgets, when I went to battery health (beta) in settings it said 100%.I hope it works for you this was so unbelievably frustrating and I was so happy when I used another company to supply the battery  because the phone worked all the way down to 0%. Ps I am not trying to plug injured gadgets in any way I am not affiliated with them but their battery’s worked for me so they might be good for you. If you have any questions feel free to reach out!