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Origineel bericht door: Ron ,


I think the replacement pumps are inferior to original. My original pump pumped all water out this seems to get most then seems to pump back and forth…I got the first pump for this maytag from sears parts central when I saw how it pumped I decided to splurge and get pump directly from Maytag..both are identicle both not the same pump with different power ratings. So I am about to put in the maytag pump in hoped the sears one was defective. now diagnostics ran and it spun. I did a second tie and it didn't spin or give error code. pressure switch tested but the continuity although it doesn't say it when no pressure one set will have continuity. with pressure the other set will have continuity.that part is missing from manual and you will think your pressure switch is bad when it is OK.  I replaced shocks and yes a little sturdier but still no spin on a washload. sooo I think since I have the springs I will put them in and then the pump from maytag although it is the same as from sears made by whirlpool. my maytag front load is model MHWE251YG…and this issue should be easy to solve yet it seems real info is very scarce… I dont need to know how to clear out the debri in pump filter….so ill update later.