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Origineel bericht door: richpart ,


The problem is related to the computer sending a ground signal  to the cooling fans. I just fixed my daughter's 2003 Grand Am GT. The  problem is what looks like a relay mounted to the driver's side fender  wall. It's located directly across from the air filter assembly. Pontiac  has located this device there and all your major grounds join here. The  mounting plate attached to it becomes corroded which interferes with  the grounding signal from the computer to turn on the cooling fans. The  bolt that held it in place was actually so rusty that the head of the  bolt had broken off as I removed it. I used a circular wire brush  attached to my drill to remove the corrosion from the back plate. Used  the same brush to create a new bear metal spot on the fender and a self  taping screw to reattach  it. No more over heating from there on, Fans  triggered and varied speed as they should.