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Origineel bericht door: microchipmatt ,


No sound in left ear, wires probably shorted or small break


Hello, I have a pair of logitech H800 that are probably about 2-3 years old now. Recently the sound in the left ear started to cut out. I opened up the left ear but, and sure enough, when I played with the small wires hooked to the left ear bud, sound would come back.  However, now the sound is totally gone.  The wires are extremely small and delicate that hook to the left ear soaker.  The main problem is only a small portion of the wires are exposed and I can’t see where the short or the break might be.  It seems that the wires are still attached to the left speaker, so I believe the break is before it reaches the left ear speaker.  Since these are bluetooth/wireless headphones there is current from the battery.  What is the beat way to diagnose this and fix it.  It should be noted that the right side with the volume controls, mic, syncing etc is working perfectly still.


Logitech H800 Wireless Headset