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It definitely affects to WiFi operation.

I replaced my digitizer couple weeks ago and had torn the damned antenna as well. I soldered cable back to the antenna surface, but it was a really hard job, so was not sure about the quality. I tested WiFi and Bluetooth operation. WiFi seemed to be less sensitive, but working well within my apartments. I had been working fine by yesterday when it failed to discover my network. I spent an hour making resets, installing the latest firmware, but nothing helped. Then I put Ipad right next to the WiFi router and it worked out. Signal was week, but stable. I placed the device on a table in 1 meter range from the router. The signal became even weaker, one point on the indicator. Then I started pushing on the display at place where the antenna is located. Suddenly, signal raised up to a maximum, then dropped again. So whatever it is Bluetooth or not, the antenna somehow affects to WiFi operation.

I've ordered a new one, but I'm itching to try to fix it earlier.