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Origineel bericht door: Brandon Correa ,


Why does my charge port randomly stop working?


This has been a recurring issue for about two weeks with my iPhone 8. It happened about three or four times.

The first time, I noticed my headphones weren't working properly. Then when I tried charging it, it would not charge. I reset all the settings on my phone, but that did not work. But when I finally did a hard reset on the phone, it started charging again.

The second time, there was a piece of pocket lint in my charge port, so after taking that out it started working again.

The third time, there was pocket lint in my charge port again. After removal, the charger still didn't work. I did a hard reset several times, but it still didn't work. Finally, the phone died and immediately after it died, I plugged it back in and the phone started to recognized that it was plugged in and started charging again. After a few minutes, it powered back on and started to recognize the charge port connections again.

Is there a permanent fix to this issue? Or do I just have a serious pocket lint problem?


iPhone 8