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Origineel bericht door: matt mocciola ,


Why does an iPhone 7 not turn on with charging port plugged in


Hello, I had an iPhone 7 come in DOA.  No signs of life, cracked screen, wouldn't take a charge.  After opening the phone, it has no signs of water damage or anything visibly broken.  I went through steps of diagnosing the issue.  Started with new screen (no fix).  Then connected a different battery, nothing.  Then decided to replace the charging port.  At this point the phone came on, but went into a boot loop.  So I disconnected the charging port and reconnected the second battery, and the phone came right on with the original cracked screen.  The replacement charging port is an OEM charging port.  I am assuming the original battery that is still connected is just very dead as it obviously wouldn't take a charge from the original charging port.  Any ideas?


iPhone 7