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Origineel bericht door: JJ Corley ,


Mr. Meyer's method still works - with one caveat:  you need to get an older version of iTunes.  The current version of iTunes available as of now (6/27/2018) does not include the app store as selection or provide apps in the search results.

If you head over to and download the latest version from their archives  (iTunes (x64) released Dec 14, 2012), install it, uncheck the 'automatically download software updates' option during the install and sign in with your Apple ID, you'll now have access to the app store that the newer version of iTunes shuts you out of.  At that point Meyer's advice works fine.

If you've installed the current, or a newer version of iTunes, the old version will complain the 'iTunes Library.itl file can not be read as it was created by a newer version of iTunes'.  Just open file explorer, search for the 'iTunes Library.itl' file, and delete it.  The old version of iTunes will launch fine afterwards, you can click the app store option under the Apple logo, and start browsing for and installing the apps you need. Just don't update the old version of iTunes and you're set.