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Hi arfeenhaider214,

Sorry to hear that your having trouble with the app  store.

Sense we already know that Touch ID is int working correctly let try turning it off for now just to see if we can at least download an application using our good old password.  To do this please follow the steps provided bellow:

How to turn off Touch ID for the Lock screen, Apple Pay, or the iTunes and App Stores

Touch ID is meant as a convenience. If you prefer more security on your Lock screen, like a strong alphanumeric password, you can turn Touch ID off.

Launch the Settings app from your Home screen.

Tap on the Touch ID & Passcode button.

Enter your passcode when prompted.

Switch iPhone/iPad Unlock, Apple Pay, or iTunes and App Store to Off.

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Best Regards,

Devin A. Stokes

Repair Technician

DexTech Solutions