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Origineel bericht door: Jimfixer ,


@imnen When doing any type of soldering always use flux and you can never use too much . I cant really tell from the pics but you may have broken a trace, there not really visible in the pics . When desoldering I myself prefer to use a heat station to have better control over heat and to not accidentally screwing up traces with my soldering iron. I also prefer wicking to a pump but thats just my preference and everyone has there own preference . without flux your probably not getting a clean surface and the solder isn't flowing out well. You can make new pads by bearing out the traces and laying in new solder pads . most important thing to remember is flux is our friend .

Just one last thing are you using the right amount of heat for the job and are you using the proper solder and flux . Go onto youtube and take lessons, gleen some knowledge from others who know what there doing