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Origineel bericht door: Robert ,


Liquid laptop usb onscreen and keys?


I spilled a little but of alcohol on my laptop while trying to set up fkr fortnite, and what sucks is i didnt even have a drink yet my unsteady table was sloghtly tapped and the glass rocked spillin a tiny ampunt on the laptop i grabbed a towel and quickly dabbed at the liquid not thinling to turn my laptop off because it qas littarly such a riny ammpunt and i thought most of it got on the keys and outer rim anyway and didnt sink between

Well 5 seconds into testong my keyboared to see if it worked it completely stopped working

Along with the laptops mouse and usbs and on screen keyboared, but the mouse has regained function i took the computer completely  apart what do i need to replace ? The way the laptop was designed i dont think the mother boared was damaged

T hank you all very much for your time and thoughts


Dell Alienware 15 R3