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Origineel bericht door: Learell Faulk ,


Apple Logo, Red Screen Flash, black screen


I have an iPad Pro from a customer who stated that the iPad would not power up.  All original, never opened.  Customer stated that she put the iPad on charge one night, and the next morning, the screen was black.  She did not have access to iTunes.  She also said that the iPad was NOT dropped and not wet. I took the iPad, connected to iTunes, which recognized device in restore mode.  Attempted to restore.  Toward end of process, Apple Logo comes on the screen for 8-10 seconds, follow by a quick full-red screen flash, then to black screen, with iTunes error 4013.  IPad is out of warranty.  I’m pretty experienced with replacing screens, batteries, cables, ports, etc., but troubleshooting what seems to be a software issue has be scratching my head.  Has anyone experienced this?


iPad Pro 10.5"