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Origineel bericht door: Nicholas ,


Dan, stop discouraging those who would like to try to replace their GPUs. You keep saying "no, you can't do it", which is a complete pile of B.S. Yes, you absolutely can replace components on your logic board, including the GPU chips, and no, the tools needed to do so are not made from some magical unicorn horn that you can only find on the surface of Mars. Apple isn't special, ok? It's a computer company and computer chips and motherboards can and should be tinkered with. You're being completely inaccurate and misleading by telling people they "can't" make changes to their MacBook Pros, including admittedly complicated changes to their logic boards. Quit telling users they "can't" make these repairs and say "yes, you can.. it's difficult, but you can do it if you have the patience and time and the right tools... here's where you can get all the right tools and parts for it". Stop just shutting down people with this "only Apple can do it" baloney.