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Hello Sophie,

Sorry to hear about your issue. For starters, the iPhone X is ''water resistant'' and not ''water proof''. This makes a big difference because if it were waterproof, taking it into the water should not be an issue,  but because of its water resistant rating of IP67, the phone is tested to be under water for 30 minutes at 1 meter (3 feet). So, it should've done just fine.  Because you said you charged it after using it, I think that although you believed it was dry, there was still water in the charging port, causing the charger to possibly shock the phone and kill it. That is my belief on the issue, but it may not be 100% accurate. When it comes to fixing the phone, you will either need to take it to Apple and get a new one, or take it to a phone repair place near you that helps with water damage and see if they can fix it. Otherwise, you may be out of luck because Apple does not cover water damage under warranty.

Hope this helps!