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I have a 2yr-old pristine iPhone 5s...very gently used.

I am on DAY-3 of “Searching” - NO NETWORK-


Wi-Fi  is my saving grace;

At least I can troubleshoot...

(Exhausting!) & call thru FB!

My supposed faulty SIM card found a tower instantly, once installed into else’s phone (great phone kiosk fellow)-so, it’s NOT my SIM after all!

The word seems to be that the IOS UPDATE -11 is the culprit;

Geared to later iPhones than my 5s...?

I have tried most of the “fixes” listed everywhere—-multiple times, except for “hard reset & full recovery” (wipe)...

* I cannot risk losing my “GarageBand compositions”...(so much work!) Makes me nervous...and iTunes is not easy for me to understand.

*I am not techy at all, but apparently- it may have been possible to roll back to IOS-10 safely, had I archived that back-up pre-11 update??? I am hoping for a miracle! There must be a way to write my phone number to this freaking SIM CARD...I am intrigued by the guy who installed it in his old phone first...& eventually got to select his carrier in the problem phone...

I will read that again as I have my old iPhone 4 (locked/no service) - but it powers up. I don’t know...

Any new 2018 “Fix Discoveries” for this headache, would be awesome!!! Thanks!