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Origineel bericht door: beaugalbraith ,


It's doable. The black area at the top of the cup is just paper-ish, and peels off.

Using my precision screwdriver set, I grabbed the thinnest flat head and started by peeling back the black part. That exposes a small notch at the top of the cup piece, there's also one at the bottom.


You can start by gently prying upwards at those 2 spots. Once I thought I had loosened it enough I started prying from underneath the butterfly and the cup at the corners. Basically just slowly prying and jiggering the plastic nubs out of the board. There's also small layer of adhesive on the cup but mine came off and I wasn't able to reuse it, try to salvage it if you can.


When putting the new one on, the butterfly goes down on the board first. Then the cup fits in the middle through the butterfly and secures to the board through those 4 nubs.