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Origineel bericht door: chrisconlon ,


So all you guys asking about "does the 5s have a storable chip info"

The thing is, imagine an abacus. You have three reds and then three blues.

Of course it is a row of chips  reading 1's and 0's.  But the chip reader

inside the phone sees the three red and three blue and says ok.

It is hard wired,  in chips. It is not a readable programme as such

the chip just read a series of chips under the home button, it then

does it's thang and says yep, ok that's the right chips in the right order.

Maybe to expand a little, there is an algorithm that , after the chip on the home button

is "read", it puts the algorithm into play and says yep, 37 that's the one.

The bottom line is, there is no programmable information  to be stored