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Origineel bericht door: Vin Roberts ,


Thanks jayeff for the reply, apologies for delay.. All your remarks  duly noted and of course appreciated, it did cross my mind that because of the difference in reception , that certain channels were not as strong as others.

By the way the antenna is pointing to Sutton Coldfield  here in the midlands (UK) , no set top box, straight application.. Since the past post,! I decided to re-tune the Samsung TV , to attempt a sort of re-set, strangely enough, the main culprit channel, (19) among others, seems quite normal again, ! 'fingers crossed' .

However, poor connections , will still be on my suspect list, and I will get the antenna system checked, some time soon.  Thank you again, for your interest , and sound advice.. Best wishes to you and yours.

Vin Roberts