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Origineel bericht door: Minho ,


The problem with recovering data from a flash drive (USB drive in this instance) is not the NAND but the controller. Removing the NAND and putting it in a reader will  not get you your data back. Everything is scrambled inside the NAND and only by recreating the controller map will you be able to get the actual data.

You have two options here:

# If you have an identical USB drive...and I mean IDENTICAL, then you could either swap the NAND to the identical drive or swap the NAND and controller to the identical and known-good USB drive.
# Remove the NAND but it must be read by a specialized tool that can recreate the controller map. Not every controller is supported and these readers/software are hugely expensive. For a one-off data recovery, it is more cost effective to have it done by a professional. 

Post a picture of the controller IC, clear enough that we can read the marking on the IC. Then send me a shoutout  by including my username (@refectio) or post a comment to this answer and I will let you know if that controller can me emulated or not.