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Origineel bericht door: Tony Galanis ,


I have an X553M and my screen started flickering one year after I purchassed the laptop.  I updated to windows 10 and still no solution.  The flickering only happens when I unplug the laptop...te battery is fine, I even ordered a new motherboard and still no solution.   I tried everything this and other groups have recommended and still no solution.  I am convinced that it looks like a design issue or some sort of power management conflict. I don't like to hate on anyone but this is the second time I have issues with ASUS and their is frustrating to have such a serious issue not being resolved by the manufacturer...ASUS, please  look into this..not right having people that buy your laptops deal with something that makes the product essentially useseless...I could have purchased a desktop if I needed to keep it plugged in forever...just a shame