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Origineel bericht door: Donny Sanders ,


Not Charging after replacing battery


I was trying to replace the swollen battery in my daughter's iPhone 5s with a recently purchased and functioning iPhone 5c battery. I have replaced batteries and screens on the iPhone 5c devices several times, so I am familiar with the care needed to not damage ribbon cables and connectors during the swap. After replacing the battery though, her iPhone will not charge. I removed the battery and put it back into the iPhone 5c and it charged just fine. Also, when the battery is charged, I was able to sync the iPhone 5s to iTunes and saved a back up of her files, photos and music. I checked all of the connections several times, including the small single wire that plugs in near the battery plug and the plug from the charging port. I do not have a USB Ampmeter to properly test it as I am a DIY type. Any thoughts on what to look for?


iPhone 5s