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Origineel bericht door: Siliang Yin ,


plastic housing broke near monitor's left hinge. help: finding parts


Hi boys and girls

My girl friend's laptop's outer shell broke close to the left hinge of the monitor (pictures on google drive: []). Dell charged 68$ to ship the laptop to repair center for inspection and 98$ for replacing the bottom and palm rest plastic housing (part labor and tax). they didn't acknowledge this as a defect because it doesn't happen often enough. My girl friend uses this laptop to run SAS so it's just under normal daily use and my girlfriend claimed she never dropped it. This failure seems very weird to me.

I wish I could find the housing from ebay or ifixit so I can DIY the repair if this happens again. but I don't know the part number. Could someone teach me how to find part number of a laptop part(housing for this case, but sometimes fan and other parts broke too) and the best place to find them?  I think someone else will benefit from it too.

Thanks a lot!


Dell Inspiron 15-7559 Repair