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Two things, when you turn on your ignition so it is just all the lights but not cranking. Do you hear a light buzzing coming from the back seat area? You might need two people one to listen. Should sound like it is coming from under that back seat. Buzzing, percolating noise. If not, then your electric fuel pump is shot or the fuse for it is. Second check all your 'eng', fuel pump fuses/relays.

If you hear the fuel pump and your fuses/relays are good, you may just not be getting enough fuel pressure. Crank the engine for about 5-10 seconds. Then open the bonnet (hood) find the fuel rail, you should see a screw or bolt on it. Slightly crack that open and see if fuel squirts out, if it does then it is prob an ignition issue like: crank angle sensor malfunction. If it doesn't squirt fuel and your fuel pump fuse is good. Replace your fuel pump and fuel filter.