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Origineel bericht door: madm4 ,


Well here is another guy struggling with same OE error code . After it came up first time (4 years after we bought the dishwasher)  I checked the filter and drain hose where it connects to garbage disposer. There was a small piece of plastic stuck at the junction and filter was pretty dirty. I removed obstruction and cleaned the filter but the code kept coming up . As of now it stops the washing cycle and leaves some water on the bottom of the dishwasher. When I press normal and delicate button together the drain pump kicks in and expels the water out. So  since water is coming  out I don't think the drain is plugged. any more. So my next mission was to check the drain pump.  Since I don't have a new pump yet I didn't feel like pulling the unit all the way out  so I tried to remove the drain pump and casing from below. I took the plate off and noticed that pump is accessible. It was a challenge to work around it with very little space. To take it out I had to take off two clamp. It took me a while but  I managed to do it . I used vise grip pliers  to take the clamps off.  The pump assembly didn't have any major obstruction aside from couple of hairs . I also checked the flap valve , it had a clear plastic piece right behind it. I thought it might be causing issues so I removed that.  I hooked everything back  but the code still came up. So I went online and  ordered the drain pump and case (came together,  pump alone is more expensive for some odd reason). I will get back to you once I try the pump. I am thinking that maybe my pump is not working as good and not expelling the water fast enough. One thing to note is that pump piece can be taken off without disconnecting  hoses There is a little tab that needs to be pushed and then a little turn will remove the pump . This way you don't have to mess around  with the clamps .  I hope this helps those of you thinking that dishwasher has to be removed and flipped upside down for this project.  Changing it from below is not easy but it saves you a lot of hassle disconnecting water supply , electricity , and moving it out. If I am 100% positive that pump is an issue maybe I would move it out but I would hate to keep disconnecting it for any other possible attempt at solving this issue.  I am not entirely convinced that new pump will solve the problem  but it seems to be logical next step especially since I don't have to disconnect the unit in order to replace it.  If  it doesn't turn out to be pump my next think to check would be whatever sensor is telling the machine that water is not draining.