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Origineel bericht door: Matthew ,


Email addresses of those in charge at Ultimate Ears/Logitech (THESE ARE THE PEOPLE TO COMPLAIN TO BY EMAIL): – Franck Marteau, Logitech product rep in Switzerland – Chris Labrutto, he's responsible for firmware updates – Benjamin Falk, Logitech big wig – Doug Ebert, Logitech big wig – Logitech reception in Lausanne, Switzerland


Letter to Logitech/Ultimate Ears:

Dear Chris, Ben, Doug, Franck, Réception Lausanne,

I received a call from Ana at Logitech customer support today. She explained that she had been in touch with the "engineering team" at UE and that you would not be fixing the auxiliary input delay issue.

This is outrageous.

I asked her if this is because you cannot fix it, or because you are unwilling to fix it. She said she did not know.

Either way, the situation is made all the more SCANDALOUS since you REFUSE TO WARN ANY CUSTOMERS ABOUT THIS ISSUE. You have 2 opportunities to warn people – before sale, and before updating the firmware.

But you have not done ANYTHING.

This behaviour as people, and as a company is despicable. Why will you not ACKNOWLEDGE the problem, and stop DECEIVING your customers? It would NOT BE HARD for you to put a warning in the app to say that updating the firmware will create audio latency in the auxiliary input. It would also not be difficult at all to make a succinct note about this on your product website. BUT INSTEAD, you choose to DELIBERATELY MISLEAD EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER WHO EVER BUYS A UE SPEAKER. This is absolutely callous and dishonest on your part and you should all be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.

I have brought this issue well and truly to your attention, and all you have done in the end is to make **** EXCUSES and explain how you DON'T CARE AND YOU WON'T DO ANYTHING TO FIX THE PROBLEM YOU HAVE MADE.

Well, I have no respect for people who act like this, who lie to customers and who do not take responsibility for their mistakes. I don't care how busy you are. THIS PROBLEM AND THIS DISHONESTY should be your NUMBER ONE PRIORITY TO RECTIFY.

I would appreciate a reply from one or more of you, rather than just hiding behind your lousy, stinking, corporate silence. Take some responsibility, Franck! Take some responsibility, Chris! Take some responsibility, Ben! Take some responsibility, Doug!