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Origineel bericht door: Michael Shaw ,


Basically the same issue, no high speed spin.  What gets me is this is such a common issue on all the forums it seems to me as a former Black Belt Six Sigma Quality VP there is a bad design/defective product here which Whirlpool continues to make money on (my WPW7500VW 2 was designed and released in 2008) by selling all kinds of expensive parts.  They wanted $281 for the Motor Control Assembly.  I got it locally from an Appliance Parts store which gave me a $60 refund when I turned in the core unit, and then took off 10% since I was a vet.  And that's given the starting part fee was only $201.  This has all the signs of a class action suit to me.

But, to return to the issue now that I've vented.  I ran the diagnostics per the booklet, and it ran through all steps and everything worked as advertised with no error codes, so not sure how good the diagnostics program is for troubleshooting.

One tech recommended opening the front, disconnecting the lower pump filter and check to make sure nothing blocking it.  It's the little black cap on the bottom front on my unit.   It does have water in it so make sure you have a flat tray to catch the water.  Mine was clean and clear.  And, by the way , they talk about removing the front by taking out the three screws on the bottom behind the kick plate.  They don't mention that you also have to remove the upper front control console to unscrew two screws in the top of the front cover.  OBTW, to get to the front cover screws you have to remove the top of the machine by unscrewing three screws in the top back of the top cover and sliding it backward.  Then you can access the two screws in the console along with the three behind the dispenser drawer which you have to take out.

Back to the things to check.  One tech mentioned if the hose from the pressure check device is clogged it won't allow the machine to spin.  It's on the right hand side of the tub about half way down.  Took hose off, blew it out (noting blocking it) and also lightly blew into pressure check valve and could hear the switch inside activating properly.

Have no oil leaks inside nor underneath.

One individual said it was the shocks gone bad.  Guess that will be next thing I check.  Since it's a stack unit I have to take dryer down off the top.  It's in an RV.  Had to take doors off since dryer won't slide out with doors on closet it's in.  Neither unit would fit down the hall without removing sliding doors, so not in position to just buy new washer/dryer of different brand.

There are about three different forums I've seen, so get on them an read them all.  However, you are going to find there are nearly as many different recommendations as there are techs answering the questions about why Whirlpools machines won't go into high spin mode.  Good Luck.  If I come up with a solution, I'll get back and post.  But as a work around, you can wash a load, then go into the quick diagnostics, and advance straight to the last phase which is #4.  It will do a high speed spin for most issues.  At least you won't be taking out soping wet clothes.  VR.