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What's the story on this and the S8, S8+, and the Note 8? Ok for sim popper/paperclip to accidentally go through the top Mic port without damage to these phones mics or water resistance or not?

I've asked Samsung, tech repair of different companies etc. Most that say something really off-the-cuff the hand say either that the mic and/or waterproofing is damaged or that it needs to be sent in for evaluation to ensure that the water resistance still working as the mic test can be performed by the user. However this in the repair people that actually responded that they took apart the phones and inserted pins down the back of them while looking at this frame said that it would be almost impossible to damage the mic or the sick rubber gaskets. There is no mention about mesh. However nobody has provided pictures to prove one way or the other. To me it would be a very stupid and ignorant design on Samsung's part to put a hole up top that could be damaged by the same pin that could be fit in the other hole next to it, as part of engineering is expecting people to do dumb things, and ensuring that such things do not cause repair problems that could easily have been avoided. Yet one way or the other there is no definitive proof as of yet. Pick your poison.