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Origineel bericht door: David ,


I have been struggling with these stupid LED lights for years. I get the failed half string plus squirrels chewing lights right out of the string. This year I repaired 5 or 6 strings by taking the good half and cutting off the bad half then attaching the male or female plug at each end with Marette connectors.  I know, I know. Crappy unsafe fix but they are crappy lights. I have both types. Solid connected lights that can't be removed and the ones with two wires that can be replaced. The biggest problem has been the solid ones because they must look like nuts to the squirrels. One day after I fixed them 4 strings were chewed in 5 places. Took the Marettes to the strings. One light has to come out because they chew so close to the base.  In desperation I have a theory, that is wrong, that if I leave the lights on they won't chew them. They do chew them even when they are on but I leave them on for the remote possibility I am right. I have now gone 5 days and all strings are working. I notice they don't eat what are called dome lights, the LEDs with just the small button of LED light and those strings have been much more reliable but not perfect. Had one fail this year and they cannot be fixed. But I am hitting 10 years with those strings. I can't keep the nutty looking ones going for even a couple of years. Wondering about the LED C7 screw in type. Expensive but inedible for a squirrel and replaceable.