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Origineel bericht door: Chris ,


Yeah, this was a frustrating machine to work on: I replaced the CCU, the pump, the pressure switch...nothing changed. Still no spin. Then I changed the MCU with motor, still no spin but a bit more movement back and forth. Finally changed the shocks and got high speed spin! Nowhere in the tech sheet does it say anything about shocks stopping the spin cycle!! There are no error codes! The machine wasn't banging or anything but the drum did look a bit sloppy when I tried washing a towel and I kept thinking it seemed like an out of balance issue. But nowhere could I find anything about how the machine senses an out of balance condition until I came across a post in which someone mentioned the motor senses voltage changes based on the motion of the drum. Again, nothing about this in the tech sheet. And on top of that, the tech sheep appears to give misinformation on testing the pressure switch. But that's another topic.

So in conclusion...look at the machine carefully and if it looks like the drum is wobbling around quite a bit when it's trying to go into spin, try replacing the shocks. I went ahead and replaced the springs too but probably didn't need to as they still seemed fine but one shock did have visible grease on the shaft so I think the shocks go out sooner. If that doesn't do it, it might be a combination of the MCU/motor and the shocks but probably just the shocks. Good luck and hope this helped.