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Origineel bericht door: Sacred Baloney ,


I had the same problem on both my Soundlink Revolve.  It would go down to blinking red, but then refuse to charge.  This appears to be one of the issues:

I was using a Samsung phone power adaptor to charge the Bose.  DO NOT USE ANY POWER ADAPTOR EXCEPT FOR BOSE.  They are not compatible.  The Samsung has a "fast charge mode" by increasing the voltage to 9V momentarily to test to see if the receiving device can handle 9V.  Samsung phones with this feature, can be charged fast at 9V (instead of the normal 5V).  When Bose Revolve detects that momentary 9V, it shuts itself down, and refuses to accept a charge, even though the Samsung adaptor is back at 5V.  So use its original wall power adaptor by Bose.