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Origineel bericht door: W.M. Hinsch ,


At first I was thrilled since I was on the verge of replacing the OS just to get critical security updates. However, I've had the same issue. I'm guessing most folks having this problem have (as I did) password protected their boot process. I tried several things - reboot, shutdown/remove SIM/reboot, diagnostics, "dumb" things like no pin / 0000 / 1234 / etc. Finally I gave up and restored to factory. As others have noted, the patch remains after update. I'm not going to invest much time in getting the phone back the way I had it. Instead, after a few critical events are done I'll replace the OS with the latest unadulterated Android and I'll be much happier. In the meantime, you can bet I'll be rejecting any other updates from BLU.