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Origineel bericht door: Jens Papies ,


similar problem since 11.0.0 until now with 11.1.2

screen freezes to touch, but still moves if something is moving on screen - homebutton still works.

Also much weaker wlan signal, sometimes no gps

resetting didn't help, or just for a couple of hours. Same with fixing the ios with reiboot

What helped with the freezing i: use the powerbutton to get in the lock screen, unlock it and see if it moves again, sometimes it needs a couple of tries.

Then doubletap the homebutton and kill every open app if the display is responsive.

After that it works including gps until there are a lot of apps open again

Didn't figured out how to help with the weak wlan, maybe this has been a sideeffect to the "krack" fix