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That post that you've said you've been reading my "mwolfe" on is the same discussion and post that I found when I ran into the same problem on my 98 Isuzu Trooper.  I ran out of other options and replaced literally everything involved in charging the battery before finally finding a wiring diagram and cutting that wire.  It worked.  It fixed the charging issues in my Isuzu.  Since you have a 2000 Trooper, it'll probably be the same wiring diagram that I found (I used one for a 99 Trooper).

There is a picture of the wiring diagram posted about halfway down on

If you go that route, then the wire you'd want to cut is the one that goes directly from the alternator to the ECM/PCM.  In the 98 and 99 Isuzu Trooper it's white with blue stripes.  It plugs into the back of the alternator, then clips into the same color wire somewhere near the fuse box before going to the PCM.  Cutting it anywhere should do the trick.  I'm not a mechanic and have limited mechanical skill.  All I know is that it fixed my charging problems.