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Origineel bericht door: crea ,


If it's making noises but nothing on the screen it's either.....

Not plugged in properly

Bad screen

Blown backlight / LCD driver circuit component.

If it's working but rebooting on the Apple logo you've possibly damaged the proximity sensor / front camera flex. Try unplugging the camera flex then plugging in the battery and trying again.

If there is no sign of life at all try unplugging the screen etc, then make sure the dock flex is connected to the board, and the battery is connected to the board. Then try plugging the phone,  minus the screen into a pc. Make sure the mute switch isn't turned on. Look in iTunes and listen to the phone for any sounds. If you see the phone in iTunes it's fine, so try checking the screen etc.

If it's not showing up you need to check the battery cable / connector on the board / charge cable / dock connector / dock etc for damage, if all is good try another battery or test the battery for voltage across the two large pins.