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iPhone Doesn't Boot Up, Rescue Data



I updated some apps and suddenly the iPhone SE crashed every night while charging. When I woke up I had to hard reset the device to make it work again. Then everything was ok.

After three nights it crashed again but a hard reset didn't do anything. The screen remains black.

Recovery mode is possible but iTunes can only reset, not update (grey button). And the display remains black, no Apple logo visible. Display broken?

Apple Support at the store can't help. They're pretty sure it's a hardware defect, not a software problem.

USB digital multimeter shows 0 to 0.33 A instead of 1.3. Maybe because the battery is already full? Or broken?

'''I don't have a backup of my data.'''

What can I do aside from giving my phone to a professional data recovery company? Do you have any idea why it doesn't boot up?


iPhone SE