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Origineel bericht door: Minho ,


I hate to say it, but your IT friend has no clue what he/she is doing. The backlight is not a lightbulb that may have moved around. It's deeply integrated into the LCD, or in the case of a phone, in the screen assembly. Smacking electronics is never a solution and is usually indicative of logic board issues that will only get worse. It feels good at times but it's never a fix ;>).

Now, heres the thing. There is essentially no information available on the iPad Pro's. There is some recently published stuff on the 12.9" model but not the 10.5". And even if you feel adventurous, there are literally no spare parts available if you do muck something up. The only thing listed in the iFixit store is the SIM eject tool...and that's probably just as a placeholder for the whole category.

There is absolutely no good reason not to leverage Apple support if your device is under warranty. Take it to the Apple Store and have them replace it. Don't forget to do a backup while you still can.